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Transforming Healthcare Through Sustainable Business Solutions

Fisher continuous improvement consulting, llc

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Our approach

Welcome to Fisher Continuous Improvement Consulting, where we excel at reshaping the healthcare landscape through innovative strategies and process optimization. Our firm specializes in healthcare sectors including radiology, laboratory services, and behavioral health, delivering tailored solutions for sustainable success.

At FCIC, we leverage Lean Six Sigma methodologies to optimize processes, drive continuous improvement, and maximize efficiency within the healthcare industry. With over 12 years of experience, our expert team has a proven track record of assisting organizations like yours in overcoming challenges, streamlining operations, and achieving sustainable excellence.

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We specialize in guiding organizations towards optimal performance. Our holistic approach encompasses not only process enhancement but also prioritizes mental health and employee well-being through recovery-friendly workplace training and mindset integration.

Guided by our mission to prevent the tragic impact of suicide and addiction, FCIC is dedicated to reshaping healthcare by integrating evidence-based practices and pioneering approaches to business optimization. In addition, FCIC is at the forefront of responsible psychedelic integration, offering assistance to optimize organizations in utilizing psychedelics to treat Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and mental illness.

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Partnering with FCIC brings:

  • Grant Success: Proven track record of securing healthcare funding. We handle the entire grant process, from discovery to implementation.
  • Funding Achievements: Notable grants secured, including a $300,000 award from the Nevada Department of Health & Human Services and a $30,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Expertise in healthcare regulations (ACR, Joint Commission, CARF, SAPTA). We ensure ongoing compliance, reducing risks and prioritizing patient safety.
  • Efficient Project Management: Skilled in managing complex projects, ensuring they're completed on time and with successful results.
  • Effective Program Implementation: Specialized in evidence-based program implementation like Assisted Outpatient Treatment, enhancing patient care and adherence.
  • Process Excellence: Using Lean Six Sigma, we identify improvements, enhance efficiency, and elevate care quality, leading to cost savings.

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Revenue & Efficiency

Program Development/ Training


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Satisfied Clients

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Pal Ventures

“Heather has the skillset and experience to be a critical asset for any project. She is very detail orientated and helped us establish standard operating procedures that increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

five star rating
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Ryan Hamilton

Director of Government Relations

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“Heather Fisher and I worked together on several grant applications related to delivering behavioral health care services to a primarily indigent population. The bottom line: Heather delivers what she promises. She consistently brought order to chaos, independently sought information needed for grant completion and submission, always completed work with more than enough time for review and edits. I would recommend Heather’s services to anyone seeking an organized, thoughtful partner in project management or grant application services.”

five star rating

Joseph Eldridge A.P.R.N

“I have worked with Heather directly on multiple high quality projects and she has consistently delivered on time. Her positive attitude and engaged approach makes everyone in the project feel like part of the team. She acted with professionalism, competency, and great compassion. Fisher Continuous Improvement Consulting is a great partner in the behavioral health space, and I always look forward to another opportunity to work with them!”

five star rating